Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2008

My New DEV Blog

Well hello people!

I thought it was time to create a development blog for my upcoming game "Wings" (which name i might change...)

I named this blog "Poltergeist DEV Blog" because "Poltergeist" is from now on my official artist name under which i will release My game when finished, all the pictures and stuff of the development i want to show you here and of course the ONE-LEVEL-DEMO on which i am currently working! More about my demo in another post..

so well... i will give a short description what this game is about:

-It`s a manic Shmup!
-It is mainly an art game
-it is some kind of self reflection for me because it has a lot (and only) of
spiritual things which came out of my mind and are still "alive" there such as
feelings, remembrances, dreams or whatever you can imagine of being spiritual.
-The "ships" in this game resample that what i wrote above:
those are no real ships but spiritual reflections for an abstract art game. Me and
some others just call them "ships" because they are based on the idea of ships for
a shmup.
Lets say they are some abstract "ghosts" based on a dynamic and/or weird ship idea."
That is my explanation.. the rest of the understanding is up to you but will be
refined when the game is out... every thing will be further explained in the game.
-it is kinda abstracted history of my childhood till i have grown as old as i am now. a
biography if you want so...
-This is a really important project to me because i started it not only as a hobby
but for understanding my self an my feelings much more.. in addition feelings of
other people and the world as a whole... from my very special and personal viewpoint
-For you i just hope you enjoy the art and will have lots of fun playing my
upcoming game! :)

Well that`s the description so far.. Here is some finished art(more to come):

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