Dienstag, 31. März 2009

Changed nickname again!

Forget what i said here is the edit because people opened my eyes about my nick! i was CHESS AND i AM STILL CHESS!

My name is now "CHESS"...... maybe i will like this name a bit longer.... until my next change??!!

here is some new shmup enemy

and this:

I started a chilling project on which i work when i can`t see my shmups pictures any more and need to get my head free:

It is an abstract sideview shooter.it is nothing i work on using all the spare time i have but sometimes when i need to relaxe i just add a few things here and there and bring some ideas on paper.


  1. This is your latest update? I expect more seeing as I cant register on that other dudes forum!

  2. give me your email i will keep you informed then

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